Little Allies

Little Allies is a beautifully illustrated children’s story that inspires kids to be their best with everyone, especially for those who may need an ally from time to time.

As Ally navigates through her school day, she watches her classmates face bullying and discrimination. Ally realizes that they all want the same thing – to be accepted as they are. Ally learns an important lesson, brought to light by her teacher, that our differences make each of us unique and special, and that we can be an ally to others to help them navigate through life.

100% of online book sale proceeds are being donated to a nonprofit or organization focused on children’s diversity and inclusion development or providing equitable access to opportunities for all children. Learn more about our current partner ProAct Indy !

My Little Ally Promise

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Little Allies is a touching tale that reminds us of the importance of accepting each other, celebrating our differences, and working to become an ally. The colorful pictures show Ally’s willingness to stand by her friends, even when she doesn’t know how else to help. Adults in the story are also important allies, helping kids navigate challenges, learn ways to support, and cherish their uniqueness.

The bonus material at the end of the book will spark discussion at home or in the classroom.

The bonus material at the end of the book will spark discussion at home or in the classroom.

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Get to Know the Author

Julie Kratz

Inclusive leadership trainer and speaker Julie Kratz wrote Little Allies in response to difficult conversations about racism at home with her three daughters. After nearly 20 years in corporate America guiding businesses and leaders to foster more inclusive, equitable workplaces, Julie dreamt up Little Allies.

She realized that while helping businesses be better is extremely important work, these difficult conversations must also happen at home in order to truly foster change in our society. Learn more about how Julie can Support Diversity at Your Organization at

Little Allies for Teachers

Teachers, you play such a valuable role in the lives of children and your influence will make an impact on society for years to come. The book, Little Allies, is an excellent tool to spark conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. We are offering a teacher discount so that Little Allies is more accessible to bring to all of your students.

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The Inclusion School Podcast

The show is hosted by Inclusion Strategists, Simone E. Morris and Julie Kratz. It was created for parents, caregivers, and educators interested in diversity and inclusion, yet unsure of where to start.

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